“UNBEATABLE!” Proclaims Mariners Fans as Seattle Wins First Spring Training Game

What a day to bring back Mariners baseball. Seeing everyone back in uniform, surrounded by the popping of mitts, spitting of tobacco and the crack of bats instantly transports you back to that universe where baseball is everything and the possibilities are endless. The mariners came out playing the way we know they can with a 13-3 beat down of the Padres, and I couldn’t be more stoked for the upcoming season.

Now before some low-life Angels fan comments, “it’s only the first game of Spring Training,” shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear about it. We’ve waited since September for this moment today, and the first inning was picture perfect. Newly-acquired league veteran, Jean Segura, starts the first inning off with a one-out double. The Padres get scared of beloved Robbie Cano and pitch around him. And Nelson Cruz whips out his boomstick and drops an absolute DINGER!!! Suck it MLB, here come the Mariners.

That first inning has me totally stoked to smash some beers and watch my Mariners play for the next 8 months. Did you look at the lineup for today?! I’m quarter chubbed just thinking about it.

  • My favorite off-season transaction, Jarrod Dyson, showed some speed today. Led off the forth inning with a walk. Swiped second and scored on an RBI single to right field to retake the lead.
  • Our 2,3,4,5 hitters: Segura, Cano, Cruz, Seager is literally the titties. A gift from the baseball gods. A terrifying scene to opposing pitchers
  • Vogelbach- I see you man! Come out and earn your spot, slug some doubles, and you’ll be a superstar out here. Seattle welcomes you
  • Zunino and Leonys Martin- Big things coming, you’re foolish to sleep on them

And lets not forget about those competing for a spot on the team:

  • Guillermo “the Cuban Cigar” Heredia shows some speed with 2 oppo-doubles. BUENO!
  • Back-up infielders, O’Malley and Tyler Smith, both recorded RBI’s. Got to love what we saw today.

Get our prospects D.J Peterson, Tyler O’Neill, Boog Powell, and Kyle Lewis in the mix, establish a right fielder, and the leagues in trouble.Baseball is back and it’s not going anywhere for a very long time. Let me repeat that: BASEBALLS BACK, BABY!

Can I get a Go M’s?!




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