Team ‘Merica Starts Play Today in the World Baseball Classic and We Want a Championship

“We want to win. I can’t imagine what that would feel like. I’d love to find out.” – Jim Leyland, USA Baseball Manager


With team USA getting ready to open up World Baseball Classic play today, it’s hard not to be half-chubbed over the thought of a WBC Championship. In a new age of latino players taking over the diamonds of the MLB, it’s time to remind the world why baseball is America’s pastime. No this isn’t about race. It’s a small part due to how much smoother a Dominican player can turn a double play than me. And it’s a large part due to how far baseball has digressed over the last ten years in America; in fact, over 1 million kids have chosen to not play baseball instead choosing sports like hockey and lacrosse. This championship is about bringing the fans back to baseball. This is about making baseball fun again!

Despite some major MLB stars choosing not to play for Team USA (I’ll rant about that in another blog), anything is possible in the world of baseball. Team Israel just swept Pool A, and told the baseball community to suck it. Team Italy scored 5 in the 9th to beat Mexico. Time for Team ‘Merica to strap on the cleats and represent ol’ glory on the field.

USA has a tough match-up with Canada and the Dominican Republic, but once again these guys are holding themselves to high standards. They want to win baby!

If we want to make big name players like Harper, Trout, and Kershaw interested in playing in the WBC, we have to show how much we want to see them out there through fan support. So get your Old Navy American flag apparel on, crack a cold one, throw a lip in, and help bring the fun back to baseball as USA takes on Columbia tonight.


‘Merica! FUCK YEAH! 


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