Call Me Another M’s Fan, I Don’t Care

“This is our year, baby!” proclaims every Mariners fan when April 3rd rolls around every year. It’s opening day, and the city of Seattle is electric, Safeco is rocking, and Felix is ready to proclaim himself king once again. Call me just another M’s fan, I don’t care, but I am starting to believe that the Mariners are a realistic contender this time. Last year, I thought we were young and too inexperienced to make a playoff run. This off-season, I think the necessary moves were made. In Servais we trust!

Now for some spring training takeaways:

Jean Segura is a gamer

I had a tough time watching Ketel Marte and Tijuan Walker leave, and I wish them nothing but luck in their careers, but bringing in veteran shortstop Jean Segura will prove valuable when we need to rely on guys that have been in the situation before. Dudes a gamer, just watch his highlights from the WBC this year.

Who is this flow-god, do-it-all, Taylor Motter?

I’m not even sure if Taylor Motter expected to make the Mariners at the beginning of training camp. I think technically, he still could not, but I have learned he can play every position – literally. He would be listed as the emergency, back-up catcher, where he played some in AA. He’s got speed, hits for contact pretty well and is a manager’s dream for a utility bench player. In 59 at bats, he hit three home runs, 11 RBI has a .288 average and five steals. Not to mention his flow can only be compared to Zeus.

Mitch Hanninger is a monster!

My favorite thing and the most important thing that I took away from the 2017 spring training for the Mariners was the success of 26-year old outfielder, Mitch Hanniger. In 72 at-bats through Wednesday, he is hitting .389 with 2 home runs, 11 RBI and 3 stolen bases. He’s played a solid right field and will look really good hitting hopefully between Cruz and Valencia in the 5 hole.

King Felix is Back-ish

I say back-ish because you’re a fool if you think he ever dropped off. No more to be said

Seager, Cruz, Cano-The sexiest 2-3-4 in baseball

  • Seager, not the flashiest, but has been the most reliable with the most hustle. Pencil him in for a 25 bomb, 90 RBI type of year
  • Cano, due for a big season to let the league know why he’s still the best player in the MLB. With a Griffey-reincarnated swing, Mariners are ready for Robbie to come up HUGE
  • Boomstick Cruz has lead the majors in homeruns the last three years. After seeing the WBC this guy had it’s hard to believe he’s still not in contention for a triple crown once again

So get your #CapsOn and crack open a sixer of Vitamin R; it’s Opening Day baby! And yes I capitalize Opening Day because it’s a national holiday in my book. Go M’s!


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