It’s Never Easy Being a Mariners Fan

“We should fire Edgar. These hitters are terrible” said one customer to me today after noticing my Mariners hat while I was making him a coffee.

First things first, shut up and go drink your girly white chocolate Americano extra cream (yes I’m judging you… sissy boy). Oh, you thought this whole season was going to be all sunshine and rainbows? Well I got to admit, I was dreaming of that too, but in reality we’re talking about the Mariners here. Hurts to say, but if you want to be a Mariners fan you got to be prepared for the bullshit we endure much like today’s game against the Angels.

[Begin rant] Seven… SEVEN RUNS IN THE NINTH!? Pathetic to watch, except I didn’t watch it. I trusted them with that lead and flipped on the Masters because I figured there was no way any team could possibly put up more than six runs in the ninth inning. Although I wasn’t completely wrong (only one other team has ever blown a 6 run lead in the ninth since 2000), the Mariners still managed to figure out a way to make it happen. Pathetic to think about, but I’m not the one to give up on this team. [Rant over] On a positive side, we’re only seven games into the season for crying out loud; it’s going to be alright Seattle. 155 games to go baby, time to turn it around starting with our home opener at Safeco tomorrow.

If the veterans aren’t in the locker room pissed off about today’s debauchery, then I would wish for the crowd to boo them tomorrow as they took the field tomorrow. But that’s not true. Not one guy on that team isn’t salty about the way that the first two series ended up with one measly win. We’re dealing with some of the best position players in baseball looking to bring back glory to Safeco. So get your Mariners hat back on tomorrow, because the Mariners are bringing it tomorrow in front of an electric home crowd. Call it a prophecy if you want, I’m predicting a Mariners win tomorrow and the road to the World Series back on. Unbuckle your seatbelt bandwagoners, that was just a speed bump.

Go M’s

P.S if you have a ticket for tomorrow’s game and are kind of like “ehhh I’m still not that excited.” F you, let me get the ticket, I’ll even update your Snapchat since that’s the only reason you’re going anyways


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